Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2014

This year was the first time I was able to attend Summit since the beginning of my web analytics career 10 years ago. After attending eTail and, my expectations of any digital marketing conference were super low. In my recent experience, these conferences have solely been venues for marketing douchebags to see how many times they can toss about the latest marketing buzzwords. “Big data!” “Omni-channel!” “Predictive analytics!”

Although some of my buddies who also attended Summit said it wasn’t as good as past years, I was delighted. All the content was extremely relevant and tactical. I walked away with a few secret tools and lots of new ideas. And I’m going to share all those tools and secrets with you now. “Big data omni sharing!”

I’ll be writing up some specific posts about sessions I attended in person and share my extended notes and screencaps on those:

And the single document that was worth the price of admission for the entire conference:

  • Excel Template That Automatically Extracts SiteCatalyst Admin Settings