Getting Started

I have an Evernote notebook full of best practices and tips and tricks for SiteCatalyst, Tealium, Excel, and all the other tools I use.  When I went to Adobe Digital Marketing Summit last month, I took copious notes and several of my buddies asked me to share my notes with them.  That’s why I’ve finally relented and decided to start up a blog.  Mostly just for ease of distribution purposes.

A few warnings before we begin:

  • I refuse to ever call SiteCatalyst “Adobe Reporting & Analytics”.
  • I refuse to ever call Discover “Adobe Ad Hoc”.
  • I might call Genesis “Data Connectors”, but probably not.
  • I probably won’t say “Omniture” very often, but it might happen occasionally.

So if you see me using these outdated terms, it is not because my knowledge is outdated, it is because Adobe CHOSE THE STUPIDEST AND VAGUEST POSSIBLE NAMES WHEN THEY REBRANDED THEIR PRODUCTS. And I refuse to use the new names, and instead opt for the older more descriptive names that won’t cause mass confusion.

Okay?  Okay.  Shall we begin?  Yes, Lisa…