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Kotara Home Movies :: 1950 :: Cattle + Cece Playing Piano + Sambo Playing Football + Sandie Walking

Starring: Cece, Irene, Mabel Rapstine, Sam, Sambo, Sandie

CATTLE: Footage of cattle near pens and in the pasture.

CECE PLAYING PIANO: Cece and another unknown girl play piano while Sampa, Irene, Mabel Rapstine, and others listen. Sampa is laying on the floor on his side with his head propped up on his elbow.

SAMBO IN FOOTBALL UNIFORM: Sambo (?) runs around with a football while wearing a football helmet and 1950s football uniform. He punts towards the chicken house.

DOGS: A black collie and a white dog run through the gate.

SANDIE WALKING: Toddler Sandie in a white dress and little black booties shows off her walking skills.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1950 :: Kotara Kids Playing

Starring: Cece, Denny, Elayne, Irene, Ronald, Sambo, Sandie

KOTARA KIDS PLAYING OUTSIDE: Denny rides around on a bicycle. Elayne plays with a doll. Denny chases Sambo on foot through mud. Elayne and Sambo take turns riding the bicycle between the shed and the house. Denny and Sambo climb on the corrals. A group of about 10 boys show up in the front yard and ham for the camera.

CECE PLAYING PIANO: Cece plays piano with some “assistance” from toddler Sandie. Irene listens on while holding a baby. Mabel Rapstine feeds a baby (her daughter Kathleen?) a bottle. Someone hands toddler Sandie a chicken bone to gnaw on. Benny Rapstine rocks in a chair. Sandie sits in Sampa’s lap and he feeds the chicken bone to her.

KOTARA KIDS PLAYING INSIDE: Dougie Rapstine (?) and Sambo wrestle in the living room, with and without football helmets. Elayne looks on, and more boys (Denny? Phillip Rapstine?) jump into the fray. The kids play with a train set to Sandie’s delight.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1950 :: Homestead (House + Barns + Corrals + Chickens)

Starring: Denny, Elayne, Sambo

HOUSE: View of Sam and Irene’s house with a closeup of the cowboy gates. Kids play in the front yard. A black border collie chases its tail. Denny, Sambo, and Elayne ride bikes on the driveway.

AERIAL VIEW OF HOMESTEAD: From overhead, a panning shot of the barns, corrals, house, trucks, and chickens.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1950 :: Thanksgiving (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Cece, Denny, Irene, Ronald, Sam

COOKING A TURKEY: Irene puts a turkey in the oven and laughs with two older ladies in the kitchen. Irene carves the turkey with painted red nails. Cece and Irene pull on the wishbone, winner indeterminate.

THANKSGIVING DINNER: Sam, Cece, Ronald, an older lady, Denny, a cousin, and another lady sit around the dining table eating. Irene brings a spoon to the table.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1950 :: Thanksgiving (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Cece, Denny, Elayne, Irene, Ronald, Sam, Sandie

THANKSGIVING DINNER: Elayne plays with a doll at the table. Irene dishes out a helping of mashed potatoes. A young girl about Elayne’s age wipes her mouth with a napkin. Sam holds Baby Sandie, who is gnawing on a turkey leg bone, in his lap while Cece and Ronald look on. Elayne brings her doll to Sandie, while various children are around the kids’ table.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1951 :: Cattle Branding

Starring: Cece, Denny, Elayne, Irene, Ronald, Sam, Sandie

BRANDING: Irene lifts a toddler girl out of the dirt and stands her back up on her feet as other women and little girls look on. The child returns to sitting and playing in the dirt. Cece in a plaid shirt and jeans runs towards the camera and corrals. Sam and a man in overalls (Benny Rapstine?) brand cattle in squeeze chutes with Sam’s 6 brand. A young man (Ronald?) prods the cattle down the corrals while Denny looks on. Cece chases a calf away. Sam and the man in overalls continue working cattle. Sam drinks from a faucet coming out of the ground while Denny grins at the camera. A man in all khaki and the man in overalls look at the camera, the man in the overalls walks away packing his pack of cigarettes. Everyone gathers for cool refreshing beverages, Denny raises his cup to the camera. Elayne and another little girl clink cups and drink.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1951 :: Pony + Cattle + Fish + Roughhousing + Bikes

Starring: Cece, Denny, Elayne, Ronald, Sam, Sambo, Sandie

FOOTBALL: A small girl in a dress picks up a football that is as big as she is.

PONY: Sambo (?) rides the Shetland pony. A boy helps the little football girl onto the pony and a group of kids and Irene help lead the pony around the yard.

CATTLE: Ronald (?) climbs on the corrals over a steer. Another boy (?) climbs along the corrals and encourages the cattle to move along.

SQUAREDANCING: A brief squaredancing interlude on the driveway with Cece and ???.

SODA POP BREAK: A young man in a military dress uniform (Ken Hall?) switches hats with Sambo, then sits on the sofa with his arm around ???. Cece joins the two guys on the sofa, and all enjoy a bottle of soda and a cigarette. Cece also tries on ???’s hat.

FISHING: Two boys (Sambo?) try to grab fish out of a bucket to put them into a stock tank.

ROUGHHOUSING: Two boys (Denny and Sambo?) in full football gear including helmets, practice butting heads and tackling each other in the middle of the living room.

CECE FASHION SHOW: Cece models a pretty pink dress.

???: ??? does something while Sambo, Denny, Elayne, Sam, ???, and Cece look on. Toddler Sandie is sitting on the kitchen table, while Elayne and Denny look on. Denny, Elayne, and Sambo mug for the camera. Toddler Sandie wears Sambo’s red ski cap. Sambo in his red ski cap crawls under a ??? to work on repairs. Elayne rides her bike on the driveway while Sambo runs around chasing her and flailing his arms wildly. Toddler Sandie drinks a bottle while laying on a chair.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1951 :: Playing Cards + Irene Soap Collection

Starring: Denny, Irene, Sandie

PLAYING CARDS: Irene and other adults play cards. Sandie toddles around with a bottle. Sandie shows off in a frilly white dress. Denny waves his arms at the camera and leans in for an extreme closeup. Sandie climbs on furniture.

IRENE’S SOAP COLLECTION: Irene shows off her extensive collection of soap figurines.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1951 :: Vacation (Part 1 of 2: Yellowstone)

Starring: ???

YELLOWSTONE: People swimming. Footage of rapids running over a dam and people standing on a lookout over the dam. A line of 1950s cars on a road, then some footage of trees, then an elk, then a closeup of bubbling mud and geysers, followed by a sign for “Thumb Paintpots.”

A bear walks along a highway and goes up to cars, and people get out of their cars to photograph and film him. A mama bear and two bear cubs cross the road. Footage of a waterfall and people standing at a lookout point, one of which might be Sambo running towards the camera. A crowd of people gather around Old Faithful to watch it erupt. A woman that might be Irene walks across a parking lot. A closeup of a sign for the “Grotto Geyser.” More landscape footage and friendly bears coming up to cars. A group of people head off for a hike past a sign for “Rustic Falls.”

A boy in a cowboy hat (possibly Sambo?) stands by an enormous structure of antlers, and goes inside with another boy. More wildlife and landscape footage.

A boy in a cowboy hat (possibly Sambo?) stands by a sign saying “Approaching Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.” More landscape footage, then an extreme closeup of a bear, followed by more landscape footage.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1951 :: Vacation (Part 2 of 2: Elitch Gardens)

Starring: Cece, Elayne, Irene

ELITCH GARDENS: Landscape footage, followed by a pitstop to “Hell’s Acre” where a few people enter a small trailer. A few boys ride bikes. A closeup of a planter box with flowers, then a group of girls in dresses goof off in front of a funhouse distorted mirror. A group of nicely dressed people walk around a botanical garden with very well manicured flower beds.

A rollercoaster cart reaches the apex and goes careening down the other side. Irene and Elayne in very nice dresses admire the flowers and Elayne sits and poses in front of a flower bed. More amusement park footage including bumper cars, spinning teacups, and a merry-go-round.

Closeup of a marquee for “World Famous Elitch’s,” followed by more landscape footage and 50s cars. A group of Native Americans in traditional tribal costumes beat a drum, and a group of people (possibly Cece?) donning war bonnets pose for a photo alongside them.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1952 :: John & Veronica Kotara 50th Anniversary (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Irene, John Sr., Johnny, Theresa K, Sam, Veronica

JOHN & VERONICA KOTARA 50TH ANNIVERSARY: John, Veronica, Johnny, Theresa, Sam, Irene, priests, and others take their seats at a large round table decorated with golden yellow flowers. Everyone passes the food around the table and enjoys their meal. Camera pans around at other tables, one of which has several teenage boys hamming for the camera. One woman holds a hat in front of her face to avoid being filmed.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1952 :: John & Veronica Kotara 50th Anniversary (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Irene, John Sr., Johnny, Theresa K, Sam, Veronica

JOHN & VERONICA KOTARA 50TH ANNIVERSARY: John, Veronica, Johnny, Theresa, Sam, Irene, priests, and others eat dinner at a large round table decorated with golden yellow flowers. John and Veronica and their children pose for a family portrait. Camera pans across partygoers sitting against the wall.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1961 :: Sambo’s Junior Banquet + Rabbit Skinning

Starring: Sambo

JUNIOR BANQUET: Whipper Friemel, Janice Koetting, Susie Looten, Emma Kay Holland (Sambo’s ex-girlfriend), Robert Reed, Marlys Merrick, Beth Milton, Laura Jean Knorpp, Herman Koetting, Don Case. Camera pans around to Whipper Friemel and Leroy Littlefield flipping off the camera. Robert Reed gentlemanly helps Connie Black down some steps. Sambo and Emma Kay laughing and holding hands. Mr. and Mrs. Reno the superintendent and his wife act as chaperones with teacher Charles Banks. Balloons fall while teens dance. Various moms in the kitchen hiding from the camera.

SKINNING RABBITS: Guys laying rabbit carcasses on the ground. Man on horse watches. Sambo eviscerates a bunny with a very doctor-like profession as John Koetting (or Jimmy Conrad?) holds the legs.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1961 :: Groom Homecoming Football Game

Starring: ???

FOOTBALL / HOMECOMING: The Groom Tiger football team exits the field and the homecoming coronation begins. The girls in the Homecoming court are escorted onto the field by the players in their uniforms. The GHS marching band is on the sidelines waiting to perform their halftime show, then takes the field.

BABY: A baby in a bonnet and red overalls toddles around outside in a wheeled walker, than sits and plays in the grass with a woman. The baby is moved to a swing, the two women play with a brown dog.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1962 :: Funeral + Cattle

Starring: Grandma Bichsel, June

H’S FUNERAL: Bichsel and Potts family members file out of a house, all wearing funeral attire. Attendees include June Potts and Adela Urbanczyk-Bichsel.

RANCH: Closeup of a Charolais cow in a pen, then pans to two baby white calves. A man in navy coveralls throws hay to the other cattle in the pen. A woman in a plaid workshirt is standing next to June Potts in a royal blue suit chatting. Camera pans across the backyard of a gray house, and then stops on the man in coveralls and Lee Potts (Adela’s grandfather) while several dogs run around.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1962 :: Bessie’s

Starring: June, Murrell

BESSIE’S: Family including June Potts and Murrell Potts visiting and hugging on the front porch.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1962 :: Potts Family

Starring: Grandma Bichsel

POTTS FAMILY: People dressed up in ties and Sunday dresses gather around a driveway. Two kids ham for the camera. More standing, visiting, and waving.
Bichsel Home Movies ::1963 :: Branding + Baby + Theresa & Dogs

Starring: Leo, Grandma Bichsel, June, Theresa, Wallace, Willie

BRANDING: Wallace, Willie Bichsel, Leo Bichsel, and others brand cattle in a squeeze chute. Grandma Bichsel, June, and helpers stand by Leo Bichsel’s house.

BABY: Marie Bichsel (wife of Willie) holds Baby Rhonda Kotara, standing next to Marie’s daughter and Rhonda’s mother Beverly Cooper-Kotara (wife of Maynard). June takes Baby Rhonda from Marie and holds her.

THERESA & DOGS: Theresa sits on the ground with three dogs, and grooms the cocker spaniel.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Canadian River Sanford Dam (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: June, Leo, Wallace

CANADIAN RIVER SANFORD DAM: Sanford Dam is on the Canadian River 8 miles west of Borger. The reservoir formed by Sanford Dam is Lake Meredith. Footage of the dam under construction, with a moment where Wallace and June are standing at a lookout point. Lee Potts and the June Bichsel also look at the dam.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Canadian River Sanford Dam (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: n/a

CANADIAN RIVER SANFORD DAM: Sanford Dam is on the Canadian River 8 miles west of Borger. The reservoir formed by Sanford Dam is Lake Meredith. Footage of the dam under construction.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Groom Homecoming Football Game + Adela Homecoming Queen

Starring: Adela

HOMECOMING: Cheerleaders do a cheer on the sideline. The Tigers play football. The Homecoming Court including Queen Adela rides in a convertible. Adela’s “crown” was a football helmet spray-painted gold. More football and closeups of the scoreboard, ending with a split second of Homecoming Queen Adela walking on the sidelines.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Tractor + Homecoming Parade

Starring: Adela, June

TRACTOR: A John Deere tractor drives by, then Dolores Hodges and June Bichsel walk towards the camera.

HOMECOMING PARADE: A fire truck leads the parade down Main Street, followed by the pep squad and the marching band. A small black dog joins the parade march. Homecoming Queen Adela in a poofy formal white gown rides on top of a car. The junior class float follows, followed by all the other Homecoming Court attendants in other various floats pulled by tractors, trucks, etc. The parade makes a u-turn and comes back down main street and we see it all again.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Theresa Basketball

Starring: Theresa

3-ON-3 BASKETBALL: Theresa #21 with bouffant hair plays basketball and chomps gum.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Potts Christmas

Starring: Adela, Jody, June, Lee, Sambo, Theresa, Vickie

POTTS CHRISTMAS: Camera pans around the living room. Lee Potts sits in the recliner chair. Camera pans around the kitchen and someone is very proud of their $100 bill. June Potts (Wallace’s wife) is in blue. Camera moves to living room with profile of Sambo in a chair, then to Adela, Theresa, and Vickie chatting on the sofa. Jody Potts in horn-rimmed glasses rocks in a chair.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1963 :: Bichsel Christmas

Starring: Adela, Bonnie, Charlie, George, Grandma Bichsel, Jerrie, Jim, June, Leo, Lorraine, Louis, Margie, Naomi, Sambo, Vivian, Wallace

BICHSEL CHRISTMAS: Snowy landscape shot of Wallace’s house in the country with trees covered in ice. Adela sits on the floor in front of an aluminum Christmas tree wrapping presents. June and Adela organize gifts under the tree.

Christmas dinner at Leo and Adela Bichsel’s. Various people stand around the table filling plates: George Bichsel, Jim Bichsel, Bonnie Bichsel, Louis Bichsel, Sambo, Adela, Lorraine Albus and a bunch of kids. June and Charlie Albus stand to the side and visit. Sambo and Adela escape to another room to avoid the chaos. Sambo and Adela share their meal from the same TV tray, sitting next to Leo Bichsel. Vivian in blue/green dress and burgundy apron walks by the camera, followed by Bonnie, followed by Lorraine in pink dress. Jerrie (wife of Jim Bichsel) in yellow apron stands at the sink chatting with Naomi (wife of Marion Bichsel) and Lorraine. Back to the table with a bunch of kids plus Margie Bichsel in a red skirt and Grandma Adela Bichsel. A scuffle breaks out in the kitchen between Jerrie and an unnamed assailant.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1964 :: Adela & Theresa in Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Starring: Adela, Theresa

SHAMROCK ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE: Marching bands and various floats with Miss Irish Rose contestants. One float was for “Vacation Loan” and another was an airplane. Theresa acts as drum major in Adela’s white uniform with the red front panel. Adela aka “Miss Groom” in a large beehive waves from a shamrock float. More marching bands and a float with a giant fake oyster with a giant pearl in it.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Adela 18th Birthday

Starring: Adela, Irene, June, Sam, Sambo, Sandie, Theresa, Wallace

ADELA 18TH BIRTHDAY: Theresa and Sandie (both wearing white tops and dark jeans) light the candles on the cake and giggle. Sambo in an all-chambray outfit presents the lit cake to Adela, wearing a white dress. Adela blows out the candles and blows all the smoke in Sambo’s face and he coughs dramatically. Theresa and Sandie sit in Sampa’s lap and Theresa steals a book out of his front pocket. Irene and June proudly hold up the cake. Everyone gathers for a portrait as Sampa looks on from his chair. Everyone takes turns giving Adela birthday spankings. Sampa almost accidentally backhands Sandie in the process.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Adela Bridal Shower

Starring: Adela, June, Sambo

ADELA BRIDAL SHOWER: Held at Byron Hodges’s home. Footage of tastefully wrapped gifts in Adela’s baby blue wedding color. Attendees included: June Bichsel, Proxie Hendricks, Coleen Urbanczyk, Irene Hodges, Mabel Rapstine, Theresa Kotara, Rosie Kalka, Betty Treadwell, Mary Louise Williams, Dolores Hodges.

Adela and Sambo open gifts while sitting on the sofa as Judy Babcock takes notes. A gift is passed around the room, and Irene Hodges appears in curlers.

Footage of refreshment table. Women puttering around the kitchen with a bowl of plastic fruit in the foreground. Closeup of decorations including a wedding Ken and Barbie, and then footage of the Frankhoma pottery set and then a mixer on a nightstand.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Starring: Adela, Denny, Irene, Janie, John Alden, June, Ronald, Sam, Sambo, Sandie

SAMBO & ADELA WEDDING REHEARSAL DINNER: Held at the Golden Spread Grill. Denny, Ronald, Janie, and Sandie sit at a side table. Adela, Sambo, Irene, Sam, June, Judy and Bobby Babcock sit at main table while Wallace films. John Alden Kotara flashes contraband at the camera.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Pre-Wedding Preparations

Starring: Adela, June, Sandie, Theresa, Wallace

PRE-WEDDING: Shirtless Wallace puts on his tuxedo. Adela in a house coat helps Wallace with his cummerbund. Wallace finishes getting dressed and admires himself in the fireplace mantle mirror. June puts on her formal gloves.

Adela slams the bathroom door multiple times when she realizes she is being filmed brushing her teeth. Theresa walks across the room in her house coat.

At the rectory, Judy and Sandie help Adela button up her wedding gown sleeves. Adela puts Sandie’s bridesmaid necklace around her neck. Theresa helps Adela put on her iridescent pearl pumps. June helps Adela with her veil. Father Jerome Hancock blesses Wallace, Adela, and June before the ceremony.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Wedding Ceremony

Starring: Adela, Denny, John Alden, Ronald, Sambo, Sandie, Theresa, Wallace

SAMBO & ADELA WEDDING CEREMONY: Mrs. Allen the wedding planner lines everyone up: Sandie, Judy, and Theresa (the maid of honor). Theresa starts down the aisle, followed by Wallace escorting bride Adela.

At the front of the church, the bridesmaids move to their pew and Sambo and Adela kneel at the altar. Altar servers were Gary Kotara and Larry May. Adela hands her bouquet to Theresa and rings and vows are exchanged. Sambo and Adela walk to the side to honor the Virgin Mary with a flower from Adela’s bouquet.

Portraits of the wedding party: bridesmaids include Sandie, Judy, and Theresa. Groomsmen include Denny, Ronald, and John Alden. Ushers include: Gerald Bichsel, Minor Pounds, Jerry Braddock, Robert Bichsel.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Wedding Reception

Starring: Adela, Cece, Irene, June, Sam, Sambo, Sandie, Theresa, Wallace

SAMBO & ADELA WEDDING RECEPTION: Sambo and Adela cut the cake, Sambo pretends to stab Adela in the neck. Sambo, Adela, bridesmaids and groomsmen stand in the receiving line. Cece registers guests.

The aftermath of the hall the following day with beer cups on the ground and folding chairs everywhere, plus a very messy kitchen.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Honeymoon (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Sambo

SAMBO & ADELA HONEYMOON: Sambo’s white Pontiac and footage of the Holiday Inn in Amarillo. Footage of the parking lot at La Mesa Park in Raton, NM at the horse races. Adela loads the car in the parking lot at the hotel.

Road construction on the way to Colorado, followed by landscape footage and a stop at Cave of the Winds.

Sambo and Adela visit the North Pole in Colorado. Closeup of a reindeer. A child bottlefeeds baby goats. Sambo pets a baby goat. Sambo approaches a large (fake) deer and grabs its antlers. Adela pets a baby goat. Santa appears.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Honeymoon (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Adela

SAMBO & ADELA HONEYMOON: Coors Brewery in Golden, CO with mountain-fed stream from the Rockies. Sambo films a chipmunk. Footage of the Manitou Cliff Dwellings where a Native American performs a hoop dance.

Footage from the Royal Gorge. Adela flips her hair while standing on the bridge. Sambo leaves the camera on in his pocket. Footage from the Holiday Inn pool area.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Sambo & Adela Move-In Day + Mowing

Starring: Adela, Sambo

MOVE-IN-DAY: The Sears truck arrives to deliver furniture, while a cement mixer in the front yard is set up to start pouring the sidewalk. A small black dog tries to get on the delivery truck ramp. Sambo mows weeds taller than the yellow riding mower he is on.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1964 :: Lark Homestead

Starring: Adela

HOMESTEAD: Adela and two dogs on driveway, Adela ducks out of view of the camera. Camera pans the back of house (pre-remodel) towards Grandma’s house showcasing the tree, some tractors, the chicken houses, the gas tanks, the shed. Dog comes running to the camera.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1965 :: Christmas + Kim’s 1st Birthday

Starring: Adela, Denny, Irene, Judy, Karen, Kim, Sam, Sandie

CHRISTMAS AT SAM AND IRENE’S: Grandma Irene in the kitchen in a hairnet, making the turkey, and ducking out of view of the camera. Baby Kim is whisked out of the living room by Sandie. Kim is returned to Adela who then props her up on the couch. Toddler Karen struts in front of the Christmas tree, while Sandie and Judy watch from the couch. Denny is also filming with his video camera. Sampa sits in his chair by the fireplace. Sandie naps on the couch in a hunter green jogging suit and red Keds, then is woken up and tickled and spanked by ???.

BABY KIM: Kim naked in the tub.

KIM’S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY: Pan shot of the decorated table. Karen and Kim open presents and play with the toy horse/giraffe as Judy helps and looks on. A tea party breaks out.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1966 :: Snowskiing Trip to Taos

Starring: Sambo, Adela

SNOWSKIING: Pan shot of the architecture of the Chalet St. Bernard in Taos. Old fashioned rope-style ski lift. Sambo skiing on the slopes and bites it. Pan shot of the mountains and trees and chalet. Adela skiing. Adela looking chic and mod standing by the car, landscape on the car ride home.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1966 :: Theresa Twerp Party + McMurry University

Starring: Kyle, Theresa

FHA TWERP PARTY: Theresa and Kyle getting ready to leave for a party. Theresa is dressed as a man with a hat, overalls, and painted on beard. Kyle is dressed as a women with a wig, hat, skirt, lipstick, and constantly twirling his purse.

MCMURRY UNIVERSITY: Footage of cars and architecture from the university, including the William C. Martin Dormitory. Theresa wearing a white top and red shorts exits the dorm and carries bags to the car. Theresa and another girl talk to some boys.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1966 :: Kim Walking + Theresa Airplane

Starring: Kim, June, Sandie, Theresa

KIM WALKING: Kim wearing an all-white footed outfit with a pacifier on a necklace around her neck toddling around a kitchen and emptying the lower cabinets. Kim butt-scooting down staircase that has a piece of plywood as a barrier to upstairs. Kim tripping over the electric cord to the camera, then going through a box of toys and demonstrating her walking skills while Grandma June assists. Kim advances to eating a cookie while walking and occasionally crawling. Outfit change to blue pants and headscarf, location change to outside. Kim continues to toddle and explore, supervised by teenaged Theresa and Sandie who model their outfits.

THERESA AIRPLANE: Footage of incoming Continental Airlines flight which lands and taxis to the gate outside. Theresa deplanes in a navy blue dress with white trim and waves.

KIM PLAYING POOL: Kim crawls toward and pulls herself up on a pool table, and discovers the pool balls and starts to empty the balls from the ball return to the top of the table.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1966 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: “Television City” themed talent show. Theresa performs a tap dance routine wearing a blue sequin leotard and blue sparkly tap shoes. Pre-teen children dress up like the Beatles and have two girls go-go dancing in cages. Theresa and other girls wear the white Hullabaloo sweatshirts and white go-go boots and do a dance routine with lots of ponying. Pre-teen girl performs a hula dance in a black hula skirt that looks like shredded cassette tapes.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1966 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: “Television City” themed talent show. Theresa and other girls dressed in black satin and top hats do a Broadway-style number. A young girl dressed as either a red mouse or red devil dances. A group of young girls in blue satin and glittery silver top hats perform a tap dance routine. Two preteen girls in white grass skirts perform a hula dance. Theresa and three other girls in orange gypsy genie costumes do backbends and headstands and Theresa ends the number with grand finale splits. Theresa dances a solo hula.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1966 :: Wallace Fishing in Port Aransas

Starring: Wallace

PORT ARANSAS: Footage of beach and boats. Wallace fishing off the side of a boat. Another man reels in a fish and brings it onboard. Footage of the water and boat wake and other boats. Panning shot of Mathew’s Bait & Tackle Shop. A woman in a wheelchair is put in a makeshift elevator to get her to the second floor of a cabin.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1966 :: Kim 1st Birthday

Starring: Judy, Karen, Kim

KIM’S 1ST BIRTHDAY: Kim destroys her cake from her high chair. Karen dives across the table for more cake and has to be restrained by Judy.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1966 :: Baby Kim Rides Giraffe and Dolphin

Starring: Adela, Kim, Wallace

KIM: Kim sits on wheeled giraffe as Adela tries to put a cowboy hat on her. Kim continually throws the cowboy hat off. A quick costume change, and Kim toddles around front room of house in a blue outfit. With some assistance from Adela, Kim rides the wheeled giraffe she got for her 1st birthday. Kim then sits in her new rocking chair, then rides her wheeled dolphin. Wallace pushes Kim around the room on the wheeled dolphin. Kim pushes rocking chair out of the room.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1966 :: Kim Walking

Starring: Kim

KIM: Kim in red jogging suit sits in her rocking chair, then stands up and shows off her walking skills. A beachball is thrown. A bunny is thrown. Kim changes into a dress with black patent leather shoes and continues to show off her walking skills in other rooms of the house. She is briefly dressed as a ghost, then changes into footed pajamas. More walking.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1966 :: Christmas

Starring: Adela, Alison, Denny, Janie, Judy, Karen, Kathleen, Kim, Patricia, Ronald, Sam, Sambo, Sandie, Theresa

CHRISTMAS AT SAMBO & DEL’S: Adela in red top and jeans is blinded by the camera. Toddler Kim in Santa hat is chewing a box in front of the TV. Closeup of the tinseled Christmas tree and presents wrapped in red paper with white ribbons, set on TV trays. Adela and Kim play with a beach ball. Kim picks at tiny toy guitar. Adela demonstrates use of toy vacuum cleaner. Adela opens a gift while Sambo puts Kim in red Sears wagon and pushes her around. Kim is armed with two side holsters. Sambo opens his gifts, including a clip-on tie holder and a game of Monopoly.

CHRISTMAS AT SAMPA & IRENE’S: Sandie holds movie clapboard. Denny and Ronald sport sportcoats. Karen in red dress with white pinafore and pigtails. Kathleen in candy cane chevron dress. Alison in a navy blue dress. Irene sets the table. Judy walks by staircase in front of Karen and Alison, as Kathleen climbs up the stairs. Ronald and Denny also film with their Super 8 cameras. Janie has a cigarette while getting a snack at the table. Denny hams at the camera, and there is a closeup of his camera (with the lens cap still on). Cousins gather round the tree when Sambo Claus arrives. Sampa watches from his chair. The children seem excited, confused, and scared and get lots of hugs and presents. Sambo Claus holds Kim, gets a kiss from Adela, chugs a beer, then makes his departure. Janie gives some sort of speech. The kids destroy the house opening their presents. Extreme closeup of Karen.

The next day, Sandie sits in a chair wearing stirrup pants at Sambo and Del’s watching Theresa dry her hair in an old hair dryer.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Easter Egg Hunt

Starring: Adela, Alison, Irene, Kathleen, Kim, Patricia

EASTER EGG HUNT: Irene and Adela supervise the children hunting for Easter eggs inside Irene’s fenced yard. Kathleen in blue dress with red bow tie, Patricia in blue tent dress, Alison in blue dress with white pinafore, Kim in pink coat dress. Sambo takes a quick glamour pan shot of the cattle in the pen by the house. The children hop around like bunnies and get overly excited when they see yellow eggs in the tree. Kim toddles around in a pink coat. Adela lifts a child up into the tree.

KIM & DANA POTTS: Kim and Dana (Jody and Vickie’s daughter) dressed like she’s on Beach Blanket Bingo stand around, run around, carry around a football, play amongst trees, etc.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1967 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 1 of 3)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: Theresa tap dances in a blue sequin leotard. Pre-teen girl in a pink tutu and bonnet dances a ballet solo. Two little girls dressed as maids with feather dusters do a short routine. Another pre-teen ballerina, this one in teal tutu. A very young couple, the boy in a tux and the girl in all white and a veil, do a the foxtrot. Theresa performs a fan dance wearing a gold sequin leotard with pink tail feathers.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1967 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 2 of 3)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: Theresa performs a fan dance wearing a gold sequin leotard with pink tail feathers. Indeterminate pre-teens hula dance in metallic pink skirts. Theresa does a twirling routine wearing a white Groom Tiger twirling outfit and red Keds. Wild twirling (and the occasional dropped baton) and high kicks ensue. Young girls in white cloaks wave their arms and point. Theresa dances in a black sequin leotard and what appears to be a Catwoman mask.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1967 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 3 of 3)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: Theresa dances in a black sequin leotard and what appears to be a Catwoman mask, doing lots of high kicks. A very young boy in a blue suit and tie is escorted to the stage by a woman, and a little girl in a yellow leotard joins him. They stand awkwardly, than the camera cuts to them exiting state right. Theresa enters stage left in a blue sequin leotard. All recital participants stand on stage (with Theresa in the middle) when Moses takes the stage and speaks. Ends on closeup of Theresa in blue sequin leotard singing and smiling.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1967 :: Theresa Class School Picnic

Starring: Theresa, Sandie

THERESA CLASS END OF SCHOOL PICNIC: Theresa and Sandie goof off in front of the house. The class arrives on a flatbed trailer pulled by a tractor. The kids dismount and immediately start running around, chasing each other, and generally horsing around. A softball game starts up in the pasture. The kids load back up on the trailer and depart.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Rabbit + Ronald & Janie 10 Year Anniversary

Starring: Adela, Alison, Irene, Janie, Kathleen, Kim, Patricia, Ronald, Sam, Sandie, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl

RABBIT: Two minutes of a rabbit eating and grooming itself.

RONALD & JANIE 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Grandkids sit and pose with Sampa on the sofa: Alison, Shelly, Patricia, Kim, Sherron, Sheila, Sheryl, and Kathleen. (All girls; Sampa offered a bounty of $500 for the first grandson.) Sandie with braces and bubble flip. Ronald and Janie carry out their cake and kiss.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Cousins in Kiddie Pool + Wheat Harvest

Starring: Kim, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl

SWIMMING: Pounds girls and Kim in a kiddie pool in the front yard. Sheryl is spraying everyone with the water hose and Sherron is flashing everyone.

HARVEST: Combine cutting wheat, transferring to grain cart, and plowing.

MORE SWIMMING: Kim chilling in the kiddie pool, pointing, and then standing with her hands on her hips.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Kim Kiddie Pool + Sambo Golf

Starring: Kim, Sambo

KIM PLAYING: Toddler Kim playing with the water hose in the front yard next to the kiddie pool: fills pool, waters flowers, etc. She later runs around front yard holding toys.

SAMBO PLAYING GOLF: Sambo practices his golf swing in the front yard, hitting balls into the field south of the house. Kim keeps trying to get too close.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Kim 2nd Birthday Party (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Irene, Judy, June, Karen, Kim, Sandie

KIM 2ND BIRTHDAY: Panning around the room see guests: Sandie, Marva Morrow, June, Barbara Caffee, David Caffee, Judy, Kim on new tricycle, and Adela. Grandma Irene carries in baby stroller. Brett Stroope and Karen mill around. Children play. Kim sits on floor and opens presents with assistance from Adela. Karen on sofa points and cries. Child blows up balloon unsuccessfully. Other children help open gifts. Irene tries to introduce Kim to Winnie the Poo. Closeup of table decorations and balloons.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Kim 2nd Birthday Party (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Irene, Judy, June, Karen, Kim, Sandie

KIM 2ND BIRTHDAY: Marva Morrow in polka dot dress talks to a child speaking on a telephone. Closeup of clown cake and clown decoration. Barbara Caffee and David Caffee sit on the sofa. David takes photos with toy camera and Karen tries to take it away from him while Irene looks on and laughs, then Judy intervenes. Brett Stroope asks Adela for something, then Kim sneaks a bit of cake. Sandie sits on a tricycle. Kim attempts to blow out the candle on her clown cake. Closeup of Barbie dress cake. Kim sits in high chair eating cake with a fork while the other children eat cake at the table. Sandie, Marva, and June eat their cake in the living room. Closeup of decorations, balloons, cakes, and toy mess.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1967 :: Homecoming Parade (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: ???

HOMECOMING: Parade with Marva Morrow in ball gown on a tiger float, another girl in a ball gown on a skunk float, a white float with a woman walking backwards beside it.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Patricia 6th Birthday + Horseback Riding + Christmas

Starring: Alison, Irene, Janie, Kathleen, Kim, Patricia, Ronald, Sam, Sambo, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl

PATRICIA’S 6TH BIRTHDAY: Patricia blows out the candles on her cake surrounded by other various children.

HORSEBACK RIDING: Ronald wearing an all-khaki outfit takes turns taking Kathleen, Patricia, and Alison horseback riding in the pasture. Janie goes for a solo ride and trots back towards the camera.

CATTLE GLAMOUR SHOT: Pan shot of cattle and horses at the feedlot.

CHRISTMAS AT SAM AND IRENE’S: Irene looks on as all the grandkids gather waiting for Sambo Claus to arrive. Each kid gives Sambo a hug and he starts handing out gifts. Sam, Irene, and all the grandkids sit on the staircase for a portrait.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1967 :: Homecoming Parade (Part 2 of 2) + Christmas

Starring: Adela, Alison, Cece, Denny, Irene, Janie, Karen, Kathleen, Kim, Patricia, Ronald, Sam, Sambo, Sandie, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl

HOMECOMING: Parade with old fire truck, Marva Morrow in ball gown on a tiger float, marching band, another girl in a ball gown on a skunk float, another girl in ball gown on a flat with a small barn, float with a giant crown that says “Tigers Reign,” Boy Scouts, kids on bicycles (with one unsuccessfully popping a wheelie), and men on horseback.

CHRISTMAS AT SAMBO & DEL’S: Toddler Kim in orange and brown dress admiring her gifts, including a giant pink balloon ball and a dainty gold watch. Sambo assembling spring-loaded hobby horse. Kim playing with train set. Kim riding new horse toy.

CHRISTMAS AT SAM & IRENE’S: Everyone getting food buffet-style. Sambo Claus arrives and hugs all the kids and starts handing out gifts. Sam, Irene, and all the grandkids sit on the staircase for a portrait. Sambo and Denny play Twister. Closeup of Grandma Irene’s Christmas Tree.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1968 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: Theresa dances a solo hula dance in a teal metallic hula skirt. Theresa dances a flamenco-esque matador-y ensemble number with everyone in sequined bolero capes. Dozens of small children in costumes including a tiny Uncle Sam march in place.
Bichsel Home Movies :: 1968 :: Theresa Dance Recital (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Theresa

LINDA GERMANY DANCE STUDIO RECITAL: Shot of people in the audience, then Theresa and others performing a number while holding suitcases and swaying a lot, then marching off stage backwards. All the little kids and teens come out for their curtain call.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1968 :: Tornado + Kim on Swingset

Starring: Kim

KIM: Toddler Kim playing with a yellow and a black kitten. Kim petting and then riding fake plastic yard ducks.

TORNADO: Terrifying cylinder tornado to the northeast of the house.

SWINGSET: Kim climbing and sliding and swinging and playing on the red swingset.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1968 :: Kim 3rd Birthday + Jeff/Lindy Infant Summit

Starring: Irene, Janie, Jeff, Kathleen, Kim, Lindy, Patricia, Sandie

KIM 3RD BIRTHDAY: Closeup of giraffe and llama decorations and balloons. Marva Morrow leaning on bar. Nancy Stroope, Irene, and Janie on sofa. Children eating cake at table: Kim, Kathleen, Patricia, etc. Children crowding around gifts, supervised by adults. Gifts include toy guitar and toy suitcases. Kim blows out the candles.

KIM & LINDY: Kim in khaki dress and black knee socks and infant Lindy in diaper pose on baby blue blanket on floor of living room. Lindy costume change to white outfit and fuzzy pompom socks, Kim helps an uncooperative Lindy sit up. Sambo told Adela that when Lindy was born she already had a better tan than Adela.

JEFF & LINDY: Sandie holds infant Jeff and introduces him to infant Lindy, tickling both their cheeks as Kim looks on.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1968 :: Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Alison, Cece, Kathleen, Kim, Lindy, Patricia, Sam, Sambo, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl

CHRISTMAS AT SAM & IRENE’S: Sambo Claus arrives and the cousins go wild, particularly Sheryl. Every kid gives Sambo Claus a hug while Sampa looks on. Sambo Claus exits, and one cousin snoops out the front window to see where he goes. Lindy is unconscious in a chair swing.

CHRISTMAS AT SAMBO & DEL’S: Closeup of infant Lindy next to Christmas tree and gifts. Sambo puts giant toy in baby Lindy’s chair seat. Adela tends to baby Lindy while Kim starts to play with new toys.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1968 :: Christmas (Part 2 of 2) + Baby Lindy

Starring: Kim, Lindy, Sambo

CHRISTMAS AT SAMBO AND DEL’S: Kim and Sambo play with tinker toy set. Infant Lindy lays in her baby seat, oblivious to what is going on.

KIM & PUPPY: Kim in a navy sailor collar dress holds and plays with a small black puppy.

LINDY: Infant Lindy lays like a blob on a yellow cowboy blanket wearing an all white outfit and those baby shoes with bells on them. She shows off her ability to roll onto her tummy. Then she is in a brown zippered jumpsuit sitting up on her own in the middle of a bed. Kim joins her. Finally Lindy in a red zippered jumpsuit in a wheeled baby walker.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1969 :: Kim & Lindy Playing

Starring: Cindy, Kim, Lindy

LINDY & KIM: Lindy crawling around on the kitchen floor in her diapers. Kim swaying around showing off a bracelet. Lindy plays with electrical wiring, then switches to butt-scooting mode of transport. Kim sits on couch and plays toy guitar. Lindy tries unsuccessfully to climb onto couch, but then finds and gets distracted by toy guitar. Lindy pushes around giraffe scooter and sorta walks, Cindy assists. Kim has a costume change and a hair bow, and takes over the giraffe scooter. Cindy helps Lindy play with a toy sewing machine.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1969 :: Christmas (Part 1 of 3) + Swingset

Starring: Betty, Cece, Denny, Irene, Karen, Kim, Lindy, Sam, Sambo, Sandie, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl

CHRISTMAS AT SAM & IRENE’S: All the cousins wearing red dresses pose in front of Sampa on the sofa. Denny opens the door for Sambo Claus’s arrival. Sheila runs up for a big hug and kisses Sambo Claus on the cheek. Then Sherron. Sheryl looks on while fiddling with a Slinky. Irene hands baby Lindy to Sambo Claus. Kim goes in for a Sambo Claus hug. Sambo hands out presents from under the tree, then departs.

SWINGSET: Kim hangs upside down by her knees as Lindy toddles around with windblown hair. Kim slides down the slide backwards. Lindy goes over to a sapling tree and tries to shake it down. Kim attempts to climb a tree. Kim and Lindy walk towards Grandma Irene’s.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1969 :: Christmas (Part 2 of 3)

Starring: Adela, Cindy, Gaylon, Jackie, Kim, Kyle, Lindy, Terry, Theresa, Wallace

KOTARA CHRISTMAS: Kim in metallic wig, Lindy in all red, and Adela with bouffant hair and 60s floral shirt play with toys on the floor in the living room. The main toy is a rollerskating doll that Lindy pushes over onto its face.

BICHSEL CHRISTMAS: Theresa helping Lindy ride a tricycle, Gaylon and Terry unwrapping their gifts as Jackie looks on. Everyone navigates around a pool table in the center of the room. Kim still wearing that wig. Kyle Black stretches out on the couch, Wallace takes his gift out of the box, Sambo’s finger is in the shot, and Cindy in a black and yellow plaid outfit.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1969 :: Lindy Walking + Christmas (Part 3 of 3)

Starring: Adela, Kim, Lindy

LINDY WALKING: Lindy showing off her walking (and sometimes butt-scooting) skills. Kim dancing and playing with a stuffed tiger toy. Kim in Mom’s old drum majorette uniform and Lindy continues to practice walking.

CHRISTMAS AT SAMBO & DEL’S: Closeup of Christmas tree and gifts from Santa, including the rollerskating doll. Kim is wearing black and white striped shirt, Lindy is in all red. Both has red hair bows. Lindy immediately goes for the toy phone. Kim wears wig. Adela supervises in floral shirt and bouffant hairdo.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Kim, Lindy, and Staci on Trampoline

Starring: Kim, Lindy, Staci

TRAMPOLINE: Staci riding spring-loaded rocking horse. Lindy doing a baton-twirling routine with a stick with Ginger as her audience. Kim, Lindy, and Staci take turns jumping on the trampoline and doing tricks while Ginger looks on.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Six Flags (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Kim, Lindy, Sambo, Staci

SIX FLAGS: Pan shot of the Six Flags. Kim, Lindy, and Staci posing by the fountain at the entrance in their short-shorts and knee socks. Kim, Lindy, Staci, and Sambo on Log Flume. Aerial view of the park from the sky tram with extreme closeup of the parachutes and tower. Lindy driving the little hooptie car. Adela, Kim, Lindy, and Staci posing in front of the tower base.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Six Flags (Part 2 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Kim, Lindy, Sambo, Staci

SIX FLAGS: Kim and Lindy waiting in line for the parachute ride wearing short blue shorts and white knee socks, then going up and down and exiting. Riding some sort of train and driving by a house and a bunch of creepy, blurry characters. Lindy chomping gum on the merry-go-round, Dad standing with Staci on the merry-go-round. Lindy and Staci walking over a little bridge over water and waving. Lindy is inexplicably carrying a piggy bank. Adela and Staci in line. Dad being a creep and zooming in on a girl in a halter top and cutoff shorts. Lindy and Staci on a kiddie plane ride.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Zoo + Staci Petting Cat + Lindy & Staci Skateboarding

Starring: Lindy, Staci

ZOO: Drive-through zoo safari with gorillas, zebras, lions, rhinos, elephants, and giraffes.

STACI: In bellbottoms lording over and petting a black cat.

SKATEBOARDING: Lindy (mostly unsuccessfully) riding the tiny yellow plastic skateboard in the driveway wearing bellbottoms. Staci scooting around on the same skateboard on one knee.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Amy, Anna, Cece, Cindy, Denny, Elayne, Felisa, Frank, Irene, Jason, Karen, Kim, Lindy, Sammy, Sandie, Sheila, Shelly, Sherron, Sheryl, Staci

CHRISTMAS AT GRANDMA IRENE’S: Presents at Grandma Irene’s with the extended family: Grandma Irene, Cece (in “Proud to be a Polock” tshirt), Sheryl (in blue shirt with “SHERYL” on the back, Shelly (in red shirt with “SHELLY” on the back), Sheila, Sherron, Sandie, Baby Amy, Jason, Frank in Members Only jacket, Elayne in striped sweater vest, Toddler Felisa, Tiny Baby Anna, Denny, Sammy, Adela, Kim in striped dress, Lindy in green dress with bowl cut, Staci in dress/kneesocks and bowl cut just like Lindy’s.

Kids playing toy basketball game on the rug, Kim dancing awkwardly, extreme closeup on ceramic Santa, Grandma Irene proudly displays her ceramic chicken gift from her vinyl upholstered flowered chair.

CHRISTMAS AT GRANDY’S: Cindy in recliner, Mike, Renee, Maxine and then reel cuts out and picks up in another roll.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Christmas (Part 2 of 2) + Red River Skiing Trip (Part 1 of 3)

Starring: Adela, Cindy, Jackie, Lindy, Staci, Theresa, Wallace

CHRISTMAS: Christmas presents at Grandy’s with Theresa dispensing gifts, plus Cindy, Mike, Renee, Terry, Tom, Maxine, and Staci opening gifts and Lindy prancing around in a khaki jumpsuit. Adela and Grandma Jack are standing in the doorway taking photos, and the cinematographer (presumably Sambo) zooms in on Adela’s pregnant Halee belly flashes him a dirty look and you can see her mouthing “Wayne” in an annoyed tone.

SKI TRIP: Tiny Staci skiing on tiny skis and continually falling on her butt. Other random people skiing and riding ski lifts.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Red River Skiing Trip (Part 2 of 3)

Starring: Adela, Cindy, Kim, Lindy

RED RIVER SKI TRIP: Panning shot of front of Eisenhut Lodge. Adela, Cindy, Kim, and Bud Fields loading the car to go to the slopes. Bud and Connie Fields in their red skisuits walking to the slope. Kim skiing (and crashing) on flat ground. Cindy and Adela looking chic. Kim and Lindy practicing on flat ground by the parking lot. Adela dragging Lindy by her ski poles. Lindy getting the hang of it, but skiing very stiff. Kim with a very wide leg skiing stance. Cindy dragging Lindy by her ski poles. Scenic shot of the slope and trees.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1976 :: Red River Skiing Trip (Part 3 of 3)

Starring: Adela, Lindy

RED RIVER SKI TRIP: Adela and Lindy waving from ski lift. Lindy tumbling down the bunny slope. Adela looking chic in mirrored sunglasses and a ski coat. Lindy wiping out hard down the bunny slope again. Lindy almost crashes into a crowd of people as Melissa Fields looks on. Melissa shows off with a little ski pole boogie.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1977 :: Driveway Rollerskating + Homecoming Parade + Swingset

Starring: Cindy, Kim, Lindy, Staci, Terry, Theresa, Wallace

SKATING: Kim freestyle rollerskating on the driveway, while Lindy gets dragged around on skates by Tom and Theresa and a very wobbly-legged Staci gets dragged around on skates by Terry, and ???. Mike skateboards on that tiny yellow plastic board wearing tube socks. Grandy looks on, leaning on the blue car in the garage.

HOMECOMING: Kids on bikes line up for the parade, cheerleaders cheer in front of the bank, Cindy has a tiny ponytail on top of her head, there appears to be some sort of a skit involving a medical team, and I think they might have operated on the Tiger Spirit?

STACI: Playing in a bucket of sand in the yard next to a black cat.

SWINGSET: Kim and Lindy showing off, alternately hang from their knees and then reversing into a dismount. The video ends with Kim bent over with her butt to the camera and waving between her legs.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1978 :: Bruno Birthday + Horseback Riding + The Dam

Starring: Halee, Kim, Lindy, Staci, Sambo, Tommy

BRUNO BIRTHDAY: Bruno was a French exchange student who lived with Juanita Brown’s family. Appears to be a party, but is very blurry and difficult to tell who’s who. Horseshoes are being played and there appears to be a hammock.

HORSEBACK RIDING: Lindy and Halee riding on Headlight in between our house and Grandma Irene’s house. Tommy takes the reins and shows off his jockey skills.

THE DAM: Sambo takes Kim, Lindy, Staci, and Halee to inspect the new dam on Cox’s Place. Everyone climbs and dances on the dam pipes.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1978 :: Christmas

Starring: Adela, Cindy, Halee, Jackie, Kim, Lindy, Staci, Theresa, Wallace

CHRISTMAS AT SAMBO AND DEL’S: Kim’s back to the camera, looks like she might have gotten an 8 track player and Nancy Drew books.

Lindy spends the majority of the video chomping gum and trying to figure out the combination of her new personal safe. She also received a saxophone which Wallace helps assemble, and a jewelry box.

Staci twirls with excitement at her new bicycle and Barbie Dream House which Adela helps her assemble.

Halee is rocking a chambray jumper, she receives a tiny personal rocking chair, that doll with the pull string who giggles, and a rotary telephone.

Cindy (on crutches) looks on, as does Theresa, Tom, and Jackie.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Halee 2nd Birthday + Kim’s 8th Grade Graduation

Starring: Adela, Halee, Kim, Staci

HALEE’S 2ND BIRTHDAY: Party attended by Staci Kotara, Stacy Fields, Cenee Ollinger, and other various indeterminate children. Gifts received included: clothes, striped romper, sunglasses, bonnet, Snoopy puzzle, knitted coffee can Koozie Man. Adela and Staci help open gifts and corral small children.

HALEE EXHIBITIONISM: Halee on green sofa and her tiny personal rocking chair in only a diaper, wearing a plush dog house as a hat.

KIM 8TH GRADE GRADUATION: Kim in fancy formal-ish 8th grade graduation dress poses in front of fireplace.

HALEE: Trying to put a giant teddy bear in a stroller while Staci attempts to read a book to her.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Staci Lake Birthday + Bruno Party

Starring: Adela, Halee

STACI LAKE BIRTHDAY PARTY: Kids floating in innertubes in shallow lake water. Someone retrieves something from The Van. Adela in chambray rick-rack shirt, Halee in yellow shorts and a bikini top and chocolate all over her face, Diane Ollinger with Cenee wearing a red swimsuit, closeups of Melissa Fields. No footage of the actual birthday girl Staci.

BRUNO PARTY: Bruno was a (French?) exchange student who lived with Juanita Brown’s family. Appears to be a party, but is very blurry and difficult to tell who’s who. Someone tickling Halee’s belly while swinging in a hammock.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Staci & Halee on Swingset and Trampoline

Starring: Halee, Staci

STACI & HALEE ON SWINGSET: Staci climbs on all over the swingset and repeatedly almost kicks Halee in the head. Staci is wearing a red ringer tshirt and red ringer shorts, Halee is wearing a brown dress. Ginger makes several appearances, and Halee seems to be a bit terrified of her. Staci does intermittent herkey jumps.

STACI & HALEE ON TRAMPOLINE: Staci gently jumps on the trampoline and does *more* intermittent herkeys while Halee tries to keep her balance and copy everything Staci is doing.

STACI & HALEE ON BACK PORCH: Halee practices going up and down the steps of the back porch and claps for herself. Staci plays air guitar and does another herkey.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Dressup + Swingset + Trampoline

Starring: Halee, Kim, Lindy, Staci

PLAYING DRESSUP: Halee in a cheerleading skirt, smock, and shaking pompoms around. Halee then trades pompoms for a guitar. Lindy supervises Halee playing a toy keyboard. Halee changes outfits into a red ski cap, oversized ringer tshirt, and adult-sized wedge heels. Staci in bellbottoms tries to read a book to Halee and she stomps around in the heels.

SWINGSET: Kim, Lindy, and Staci showing off on the swingset rings, trapeze, and monkey bars. Staci is wearing a yellow swimsuit.

LINDY ON TRAMPOLINE: Lindy doing flips wearing a yellow tshirt and brown pants while Staci watches eating a carameled apple and petting the dog Ginger.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Teen Party at Lake Greenbelt (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Adela, Halee, Kim

TEEN PARTY AT LAKE GREENBELT: Party at the lake, maybe Kim’s 8th grade party? Teenagers horseplaying on the beach and in the water. Grownups sitting under a tarp, a few closeups of Halee. Adela in chambray rick rick button down. Sambo puts the camera in his pocket and accidentally films the sky for a while. Teens grill weinies over a fire pit.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Teen Party at Lake Greenbelt (Part 2 of 2) + Groom Day Parade (Part 1 of 2)

Starring: Halee, Kim

TEEN PARTY AT LAKE GREENBELT: Kim and others waterskiing and swimming. Halee on the beach in a bikini, blowing kisses.

GROOM DAY PARADE: Lots of people on horseback, old firetrucks and ambulances, kids dressed as Native Americans and the adult with them in a huge war bonnet, old west General Store on wheels, girl on a lawnmower pulling a skunk on a trailer, several floats with a medical/hospital theme, 4H float.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Groom Day Parade (Part 2 of 2) + Halee Rodeo Clown

Starring: Halee

GROOM DAY PARADE: Standard parade featuring an El Camino, cheerleaders, a pickup with a tree in the bed apparently growing baskets, a pickup towing a boat, back-to-back horseback riders, 4H, and a bunch of bicycles.

HALEE RODEO CLOWN: In the front yard dressed as a rodeo clown in giant cutoff jeans with suspenders, petting / loving / assaulting / trying to ride Ginger the dog. Bonus blowing kisses.
Kotara Home Movies :: 1979 :: Homecoming Parade + Halloween + Halee Tricycling + Lindy on Trampoline

Starring: Adela, Halee, Kim, Lindy, Sambo, Staci

HOMECOMING PARADE: The parade including Kim twirling in front of the marching band, a random dog, the parade stopping to let the little girl cheerleading mascot on her float, Darren on his unicycle, Staci with her decorated bicycle, and the coaches in their 70s coaching pants.

HALLOWEEN: Mom and Dad in their chicken costumes. Staci pulls at Dad’s tail feathers, and Halee tries to honk his beak.

HALEE ON TRICYCLE: Halee trying to figure out how to ride her tricycle on the driveway, with blue pickup and The Van in the background.

LINDY ON TRAMPOLINE: Flips, barneys, backdrops, kneedrops to flips, toe touches, this has it all!
Kotara Home Movies :: 1980 :: Kim on Trampoline + Groom Day Parade

Starring: Kim

TRAMPOLINE: Kim jumping on trampoline.

GROOM DAY PARADE: Boy Scouts, Sunday School float, FFA float, Kim twirling with marching band in plain clothes, Sue Britten’s Horsemanship School float, Lonnie Brown (?) and Mike Ollinger (?) riding back-to-back on the same horse.