My Name is Halee, I Live in Helsinki

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When I was a kid, we played this little sing-songy game where you'd all sit in a circle and snap/clap out a rhythm, then everyone would take turns improvising a little verse like this:

My name is Annabel
I live in Atlanta
My husband's name is Amos
And we sell apples

Then the next person does the same thing with the letter B, and then C, etc.

I moved back to Helsinki a few weeks ago, and I love the fact that I can now sing this little song with almost 100% truthful accuracy!  Well, 50%:

My name is Halee
I live in Helsinki
My husband's name is Hannu
And we sell heroin (because we live in Kallio)

Anyway, I'm back!  I haven't been doing a good job of documenting everything that's gone on since my arrival a few weeks ago, but I do have a few backlogged stories to tell, stay tuned...


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